On The Road (Utah)

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In this section you find an overview with detailed descriptions from my outdoor photography trips. The newest ones will appear on top. I hope you enjoy them. I will try to update them as soon as possible after the trips.

Fall Adventures From Colorado
September/October 2021  |  Colorado, Utah

It is November now and I have been spending the last couple of weeks with editing the pictures from our last fall trip to Colorado. We were lucky to spent some time around Aspen and Marble, exploring some areas we weren’t able to get to before, like Kebler Pass and Maroon Lake...

Summer Out West
May / June 2020  |  Utah, Colorado

We ventured out west this summer to explore some locations we had visited before and some new ones that we thought might be interesting.

I was battling a pretty bad allergy for a couple of days, which was most likely a reaction to the sand dust from the gravel roads we were driving on...